Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment Service

Bed bugs can be the most annoying of creatures as they’re extremely tiny and difficult to spot. What’s worse is that while they don’t spread diseases in humans, they can create a massive nuisance due to bites at night. Bed bug bites are usually in patterns like a line, circle or within a certain area of your body, since they’re small and travel slowly. Bed bugs control is of utmost importance as the longer we wait, the more problematic it could become. RabyxIndia’s bed bug treatment is one of the best in the country. Our bed bug pest control involves a Round 2 after 15 days as bed bug eggs cannot be destroyed by chemicals, except after they’re hatched.

Impact of bed bugs

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and other mammals. While it is possible for bedbugs to transmit disease, in India it is very rare. Instead, the primary concern is the irritation and distress caused by bed bug bites.
Bed bug bites do not hurt. It is the itchiness that results from the body’s reaction to them that causes discomfort. Treating the bites soothes the irritation, but it can still be very distressing when there are multiple bites as is often the case with bedbugs. Multiple bites and contact with bedbugs can also lead to an itchy rash or eczema. Consult a pharmacist for advice and treatment if this occurs.

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Service Details :

  • Experts do a thorough inspection of hiding spots of bed bugs and inject the areas with advanced chemicals

  • A mild odour spray is applied ensuring complete treatment against bed bug

  • This is followed by a second round of treatment after 15 days to kill newly hatched bed bugs as their eggs cannot be destroyed at all

Benefits :

  • It is highly effective and completely controls infestation of Bed bugs at home ensuring no bed bugs are found in the infected places post treatment

Service Timeframe :

  • 45 Days service includes 2 services at intervals of 15 days

  • 90 Days service includes 4 services

  • If you have any complaints after the service, our technicians will resolve it at no extra charges.

  • Since you will never know where bed bugs are coming from and to ensure that you do not have a repeat Bed Bug attack, speak to our experts for the best bed bug control solution for you and we advise you to take our 100% Assurance 1 Year Extended Warranty while booking the order.

  • With a 1 Year Extended Warranty, if you face any problem post your contract expiry our technicians will resolve it at no extra charges.

Bed Bugs are hitch hikers and can come into your homes from holiday travels, flights, movie theatres, clothes received from ironing and even cabs. Since you will never know where they are coming from, always call the experts for a regular inspection and bed bug treatment.

A clean home is not proofed against bed bugs. Professional inspection and bed bug treatment solutions are best. Bed bugs can migrate from anywhere through your clothes or luggage into your home. Good housekeeping won’t prevent or eliminate a bed bug problem, though regular inspections and beg bug control helps. Bed bugs thrive even in upscale hotels or spotless homes. Thus, professional bed bug pest control helps.

Our experts do a thorough inspection of hiding spots of bed bugs in your homes, and inject the areas with advanced chemicals. This is followed by a second round treatment after 15 days to kill the newly hatched bed bugs, as their eggs cannot be destroyed. This is what makes professional bed bug pest control the only lasting solution.

It takes 45 minutes to one hour to complete the bed bug treatment. The time taken varies depending on the extent of the infestation because bed bugs can lay up to 10 eggs per day

We inspect every seam and fold of the mattress to identify their location and do a thorough treatment. This is followed by a second round of bed bugs control after 15 days to kill newly hatched bed bugs as their eggs cannot be destroyed. So, the total process could take around 2-4 weeks for you to see results.
  • We offer the best pest control services in India. Best in class chemicals approved by Central Insecticides Board are used against target pests at recommended dosages.

  • Our pest control service is safe for children, pets, pregnant women and persons with allergy. Unlike local pest control services provided we use Chemicals approved by Central Insecticide Board for best results and safety.

  • Our technicians are verified, highly skilled and trained.Choose RabyxIndia over conventional methods for bed bug control treatment – our method is to eradicate the root of the problem, rather than just eliminate surface nuisance.

Customer Testimonials

Rina Roy

I liked the service as I could see the change in the situation after the bed bug service.

Akbar Khan

I am quite satisfied with the service as the beg bugs completely disappeared after the service.

Sagar Saoji

I am satisfied with the bed bugs service of RabyxIndia. Also the technicians briefed us very well to avoid such issues in the future.

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