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Sofa Cleaning ServicesSofa, or couch whatever you call it, this piece of furniture has always given you all the comfort and relaxation whenever you needed it the most. But with time, it has also become the realm of a large number of stains and dirt. As it is the most frequently used item in your space, a sofa becomes the hotspot of dust particles, dog fur, stains, food crumbs, pests, and termites. Actually, it is the fabric of the sofa that absorbs all these items. But whether it's the fabric or any other part of your sofa that is responsible for all that unwanted dirt and germs, you need to keep it clean anyway! And cleaning a sofa is definitely not an easy task to accomplish. This is when you need a thoroughly reliable name like RabyxIndia. Known for the best sofa cleaning services in Delhi India, RabyxIndia is always there to help you with all sorts of cleaning services. At RabyxIndia, we proffer the best of services at the most economical prices.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning by RabyxIndia – A home is said to be the most wonderful place where one experiences all type of emotions that heart can hold. The surrounding makes the dream of a home come true. A clean and tidy home is always very much fascinated. For this we have to be very careful and keep each and every corner trim & tidy.
Maintaining our floor coverings in the correct manner saves our money and time. RabyxIndia provides a 7 days carpet cleaning service in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida and Faridabad. We have vast experience in carpet cleaning,carpet shampooing and carpet care techniques.

Our Carpet cleaning service is avaliable for wall carpet as well as for floor carpet. Inch perfection is required while shampooing the carpet or using chemicals for carpet cleaning so that the texture and upholstery of the carpet do not get disturbed.

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Our Sofa & Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

STEP 1. Vaccuming:

Vaccuming with heavy duty vacuum cleaner to remove the dust

STEP 2. Scrubbing:

Use Eco friendly advanced shampoo foam rubbed in using a brush / hand scrubber to dissolve dirt and remove stains

STEP 3. Extraction:

Used heavy duty vacuum cleaner to extracts dirt and residue from the sofa leaving it Semi Dry


Our team is highly experienced and trained to deliver optimum results when it comes to cleaning the sofa or couch of all sizes, shapes, and fabrics. Old and stubborn stains are indeed tough to remove. Our team works towards removing the same to the best of its ability. However, we cannot still guarantee 100% stain removal results as certain stains removal techniques might ultimately damage the entire fabric or furniture.

For fabric sofa, the drying time is around 2-3 hours post the delivery of cleaning services. For the leather sofa or couch, no drying time is required post-cleaning.

Yes, for leather-based sofa materials, we offer our professional range of polishing services post cleaning services. This helps in increasing the overall life of the sofa while imparting a definitive shine to the sofa material.

All our sofa cleaning services are given by highly qualified and experienced professionals. Our professionals have gone through in-depth training to deliver optimum results. We provide 3 months of warranty over our expert sofa cleaning services such that you can look forward to keeping the furniture clean & dust-free for a longer period. Within tḤhe given period, our team of trained cleaning technicians will deliver services to you without any extra charges.

Customer Testimonials

Niloy Sarkar

Very Happy with this. They have cleaned and washed my 5 seater sofa and 1 sofa-cum-bed. I liked the way of cleaning and washing.

amit ahluwalia

Very good service on reasonable price. He took 2h and 40 mins to clean our 2 Sofas with 5 cushions and 1 Carpet.


Good service... My 3 seater sofa was brought to its original glory

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