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Pest Control

Rabyx Indiais a government certified pest control and uses government approved world Bayer chemicals for pest control services that is safe for all.

Rabyx Indiachemicals are absolutely safe for people will allergies as the right chemicals are used in the right dosage by our expert technicians.

When it comes to cockroaches it’s important to have pest control done at regular interval round the year, hence our services are designed to service your home every quarter. For other pest control services you can choose the frequency as per the infestation levels.

We provide pest control services for all major pests frequently found in your homes round the year like - cockroaches, Termites, Bed Bugs, Dengue Mosquitoes, Wood Borer and Rodents.

In most cases you can see visible results in 2 weeks’ time. All our services are designed to ensure that you do not get repeat infestation so the reduction in pest starts from week 2 onwards for most services.

Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning is an intensive cleaning and disinfection of all those critical areas which are missed out in a daily cleaning schedule. Our proprietary cleaning process ensures we disinfect, sanitize and create a dust-free environment in each and every corner of your home or office. We make sure your place is 5-star clean!

Our cities are engulfed by dust and are generally unhygienic. Even though we try hard to clean our homes, we miss out on those critical areas which prove to be hazardous to us and our families. In these testing times, when illness is frequent, we need to take care of our homes and offices. Everything we touch is a breeding ground for infection like switch boards, door knobs, stove knobs etc. rabyxindia's deep cleaning technique ensures we sanitize and disinfect all these critical areas. It will help you live a healthier and a better life.

The time taken depends primarily on the area of the premises, number of rooms and bathrooms, basic condition and type of service opted for. Generally, an average 3 bed room house takes 6 - 7 hrs to complete. You can call us on 8800808248 to find out how much time it will exactly take.

Presently we provide services in Delhi NCR including Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida.

We would request someone to be present when the cleaning is going on. However, there is no problem if you would like to step-out after instructing our personnel about the work.


  • Highly Trained Professional’s Workforce
  • Advanced Sanitization (ULV Misting)
  • Safe and comfortable environment that offers peace of mind
  • Before entering your premise, Rabyx India technicians will Use Hand Sanitizer and Wear Shoe Covers, Masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Client's Reviews

Pest Control Services Provided

Even though you may believe your home is in a good state, every home requires preventive pest control services once in a while. Why? Pests mostly come over without any warnings, in search of food and/or shelter. It’s more of a need than it is a want.RabyxIndia’s Pest control services come into play to cope with these demanding situations. With our innovative approach, proficiency, latest tools and techniques, we’ve gained a large amount of demand from families who love smart, healthy, orderly, immaculate and spick and span homes without much hassle and headache of pests.

RabyxIndia’s unmatched experience combined with latest innovation gives us the edge in India. We offer a full set of services right from Cockroach Control, Bed bugs control, Termite control treatment, mosquito Control, Rodent Control and solutions to every other pest problem.

Our pest management techniques mean the use of only pesticides approved by the Central Insecticides board of India, ensuring they are safe for the kids, elders and pets alike. We focus on providing optimal results and if you’re facing a pest problem, a call to Rabyx Indiaseems like the smartest move!

Cockroach Pest Control-

In this service, government-approved BAYER Gel is used for a long-lasting cockroach control treatment. A cockroach control spray is used to reduce infestation immediately. The treatment is carried out by highest quality chemicals and these remain effective for cockroaches as well as ants. A single cockroach treatment lasts up to 3-4 months. However, we recommend taking a 1-year service as it protects your home from cockroaches around the year.

Cockroach pest control is often tricky as these guys always find their way back into your homes. However, Rabyx Indiarecently launched India’s first advanced cockroach control service which includes other value-added services to keep roaches at bay. These include a packet of mint-fragrance 100% biodegradable garbage bags, while also including a kitchen drain cleaning facility, thus providing a fool-proof cockroach control plan.

Bed Bug Control -

Before getting into the real bed bug pest control aspect, a thorough inspection of mattresses and furniture is carried out. A spray is applied in infected areas of your household to eliminate all these bugs. It is essential to vacate the area for 5-6 hours as bed bugs can latch on to anything. Most items of clothing and furniture need to be quarantined during this service. However, bed bug eggs don’t get destroyed initially so a second round of bed bug control is necessary, to eradicate the freshly hatched eggs.

Termite Control -

RabyxIndia’s termite pest control package is a bestseller, with residents all over the country seeing results from this service. Using the DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique, a chemical barrier is created to kill termites during their movement. This termite control service thus recognizes the infested areas, blocks existing termites in that region and doesn’t allow growth in the same place again.

Mosquito Control -

Rabyx Indiabelieves in reducing problems from the root rather than looking at just temporary solutions. A 3-step mosquito pest control treatment is conducted by our technicians. These insects are blocked from breeding indoors, while also killing them on contact 24x7 within your homes. Additionally, this method of mosquito control stops the entry of new mosquitoes by protecting your entire home with a unique spray, which is applied on walls, curtains, dark corners and other cool and shady areas which could be mosquito resting and breeding places.

Wood Borer & Rodent -

The amount of damages incurred from wood treatment and repairs is extremely high and that’s why it’s best to protect yourself right from the start. RabyxIndia’s wood borer treatment and pest control for wood solves that issue, wherein our technicians inject wood preservative chemicals into the holes made by wood borers in wood and furniture, using special syringes. Then, chemicals with a petroleum based are sprayed across the furniture and other suspected areas to prevent further damage.

Cleaning Services Provided

Rabyx Indiaprovides a complete range of cleaning services services for homes and offices. Our services are available in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad including Indirapuram. We'll deep clean your home, office, sofa, car, bathroom etc to make them look good as new. Rabyx Indiais India's biggest and oldest deep cleaning brand trusted by 30K happy customers. We help make your life easy so, you can leave the cleaning to us.

Kitchen Cleaning

Gas stove, electric chimney, exhaust, tiles, cabinets, sink, countertop & appliances

Dusting & Detailing

Walls, fans, lights, doors, switchboards, shelves, AC & appliance exterior

Windows & Glass

Windows (both sides), tables, doors, mirrors, shower cabinets cleaned

Vaccume Cleaning

Upholstery, cushions, carpets, mats, chairs & blinds vacuumed using commercial vacuum cleaners

Bathroom Cleaning

Tiles, cabinets, sink, taps, WC, exhaust fan, geyser and other fittings thoroughly cleaned.

Floor & Balcony

Complete mopping & disinfection, scrubbing of kitchen, Room, Hall & bathroom floors.

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