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Termite Treatment

RabyxIndia’s termite treatment services are among the best in the pest control business and that’s why it’s a bestseller in Indian markets. Termite colonies get washed away due to the Drill-Fill-Seal technique of termite control which has turned out to be fool-proof so far. If you have a termite infestation at home, don’t waste too much time before you call for termite pest control as the damages caused by these insects are very expensive to repair. Instead, call RabyxIndia and have our technicians inspect your homes for white ants and termites.

Ants Treatment & Control

Ants are incredibly capable and intelligent creatures. Though harmless, they can be a nuisance when they get into your home or business premises. Their complex and cooperative societies allow them to survive and thrive in conditions that would be otherwise challenging to us. Here are some interesting facts that you may want to know about this small but amazing pest.

How to Get Rid of Ants?

Ants may enter your home from small opening in search of foods or seek shelter. They are generally in search of sweet foods and once they find then, they leave pheromone trail for other ants to follow them. This is why you always see them walking in queue.
Watching the behavior of the ants will let you to know the right way to get rid of them. If they are seeking shelter then, you have to close their entry gates or if the foods are their target then, keep the foods away from their reach.
You can also use some ants pesticides to eliminate ants but this is a temporary solution also if you don’t know the right way to use such pesticides then this can be harmful for you, your family health, pets and the environment too. Therefore, the best way to get rid of ants is to get pest control service from one of the best pest control service provider.
Your treatment plan should be killing the entire colony. Just spraying some household pesticides may not be as effective as the chemicals or herbal products used by the pest control service providers. They know what type of chemicals or liquids to use to control ants which are not harmful at all.

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Service Details :

  • Termite treatment uses a DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique that creates a chemical barrier to kills termites during their movement.

  • Holes are drilled at 45° angles above skirting tiles at precisely 1 Foot distance along walls, filled with TERMIN-8 solution & sealed with chalk & white cement.

Benefits :

  • Warranty Backed Service, free treatment of infested areas during the warranty

  • It completely kills termites unlike regular pest control that just repels them.

  • Highly effective, hassle-free and a safe treatment used in all developed countries.

  • Protects infested woodwork with chemicals that will not just kill the existing termites, but also protect it from future termite infestation.

  • RabyxIndia Termite Control service makes sure that in approximately 7-15 days termites disappear, unlike other chemicals that only repel them and cause them to spread while damaging your property.

  • Within contract period if you have complaint after a service; our technicians will make sure they attend it, without any extra fee.

  • Our extended Warranty will make sure you and your family is safe from termites beyond the contract period as well.

Termites need moisture for their survival, hence damp walls, leakage and water seepage are like open invitations for them.

Always invest in a preventive termite pest control service to protect your valuables and furniture, because being safe is always better than being sorry! While shifting into a new house or apartment, get a professional inspection and invest into a preventive termite control service, like that of RabyxIndia. While looking for houses on rent, ensure to get a termite inspection to safeguard your furniture and other valuables. Old furniture is prone to termite attacks, so it’s good to get an expert termite inspection.

Termites feed on cellulose found in wood, paper and cotton in forests. As forests disappear, termites enter our homes from the soil through walls to eat furniture, structural wood, paper, books, currency notes and even valuable documents kept in safe and lockers. If your society and building do an unprofessional termite treatment or anti-termite treatment at the foundation level, chances are you will get termites at home. Homes with water seepage and dampness are more prone to termite attack. Book collections and libraries at homes attract termites. They are so swift and quiet that the damage is done before you even know of their presence. Hence, termite pest control should be done every few months or once a year. Termites usually build multiple colonies. So, even if you’ve found one and have managed to eradicate it, there’s a good chance they are already busy destroying some other parts of your home as well.

Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood, paper, cotton and on trees in the forest. As forests disappear they invade our homes, from the soil through the walls to feast on our books, papers and furniture. Even currency notes and valuable documents in safe are not free from them. Consider termite pest control from RabyxIndia to avoid such unwanted outcomes at home!

An average 2-BHK home will take approximately 2 hours for termite treatment and home décor is not affected as we seal the holes perfectly.

No home is 100% termite-safe. These pests enter homes from the building foundation and hence cause damage to walls and wooden structures. Termites eat furniture, papers, books, and even documents kept in lockers and safes, thus causing colossal damage within just a few months. Homes with water seepage and dampness are more prone to termite attacks. Termite workers storm our properties in millions and they work 24x7, so termite control is a necessity always. RabyxIndia’s professional termite treatment will completely kill even the last termite present; within fifteen days, your property will be termite-free.
  • We offer the best termite pest control services in India.

  • Best in class chemicals, approved by the Central Insecticides Board are used against target pests at recommended dosages.

  • Our pest control termite service is safe for children, pets, pregnant women and persons with allergy.

  • Local termite pest control service providers use cheap chemicals that only repel termites and cause them to spread further while damaging your property.

  • RabyxIndia uses non-repellent chemical that kills even the last termite present in the premises. Our technicians are verified, highly skilled and trained.

Customer Testimonials

KD Singh, Gurgaon

Service is good and I am very satisfied as I do not have any termite problem any more.

Anshuman Kumar, Delhi

Service is good and I am very satisfied as I do not have any termite problem any more.

Manish Jha, Noida

Service is good and I am very satisfied as I do not have any termite problem any more.

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